Friday, January 2, 2009

Chile Colorado, Oh Yeah!

I tried a recipe yesterday from a friend of mine. I miss you, Heather! She moved away never to be seen again! Well, maybe. Anyways, she calls it Chile Colorado. It is a labor of love but well worth it, let me tell you.

First off I had a challenge finding the pasilla peppers and Mexican oregano. But did find them at Fred Meyer in Tumwater, for you Olympia locals. Those of you in the south may not have a problem finding these items. I used a rump roast, she calls it Boston butt. Not sure if it's the same but it turned out good.

I started this at 8am on a Thurs, new year's day. So it was a holiday. I had plenty of time to dawdle in the kitchen on this particular morning. Those of you working folk may want to save this one for a Saturday. I have to tell you the wonderful smells that permeated my house made every family member congregate in my kitchen, including the dogs! I was just browning the meat at this point. Olivia wanted to eat it right out of the pan and it had still had 8 hours to cook in the crock pot.

Anyways I am going to refer you to her blog so I don't have to remake the wheel so to speak. It's the first post I believe, unless she's updated since yesterday. The recipe is Chile Colorado Farmgirl Style. The post is "Change is Going to Come", I think. Enjoy, and happy eating and cooking.

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