Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Awe!

I know! I know! Where's the love? Sorry I haven't posted in like forever. School started again, and there's goes my life. Well I had to share about my Valentine's gift. A few weeks ago Gordon and I watched this movie called "Fireproof". It was a very good movie for ALL married couples to watch. It is about a couple having some major issues and on the brink of divorce. The man's father gives him a challenge called the 40 Day Love Dare to see if it will save his marriage. It has Christian basis to it but even if you aren't Christian this movie will serve your marriage well to see.

Anyways, unbeknownst to me Gordon went out the next day to Family Christian Bookstore and bought the Love Dare journal for each of us. I was floored that he thought of that. We are not in marrital crisis or anything but it is something that would benefit marriages in all stages and phases. I was just so proud of him I had to share!

Now I challenge ALL my married friends to rent "Fireproof". It will change the way you see and think about your partner.